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Lesly Reynaga

Fri · May 17, 2019

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


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Part of the Rhythm & Vine Concert Series presented by Charles Smith Wines. A portion of each ticket sold goes to benefit the Austin Music Foundation.


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A 9-piece outfit formed fifteen years ago by members of Grammy Award-winning Latin revival orchestra Grupo Fantasma, Brownout has evolved into a musical force all its own. After garnering three Austin Music Awards, the band has continued to produce music that is unflinchingly progressive, while evoking the classic influences of artists such as WAR, Cymande and Funkadelic. They’ve performed at events including Bonnaroo, High Sierra Music Festival, Pickathon, FFFFest, Bear Creek Music Festival, Utopia Festival and Pachanga Fest, while regularly touring the U.S. Brownout’s also served as a highly in-demand backing band for artists including Prince, Daniel Johnston, GZA and Bernie Worrell.

After a surprise national hit in 2014 with their Black Sabbath inspired 'Brownout Present Brown Sabbath' album, the band released Brownout Presents Brown Sabbath Vol. II in 2016 via Ubiquity Records. The recording includes reimagined versions of “Fairies Wear Boots,” “Snowblind” and “Supernaught.” The tracks “Sabbath Bloody Sabbath” and “Symptom of the Universe” features vocals by Ghostland Observatory’s Aaron Behrens.

Prior to the Brown Sabbath series, Brownout released three albums - Homenaje (Freestyle Records 2008), Aguilas & Cobras (Six Degrees 2009) and Oozy (Nat Geo 2012).

In 2017, the band released an original EP entitled Over the Covers (Fat Beats 2017), which was widely acclaimed by critics and heralded the next chapter for the band as it continues to evolve and explore new and funky musical realms.

In 2018 the band teamed up yet again with legendary hiphop label Fat Beats to release an album of psychedelic funk interpretations of Public Enemy classics called Fear of A Brown Planet. NPR said of the project "The guys in Brownout have done it again. They have gone to the deep well of uncut funk to produce yet another homage to classic soul that further burnishes their reputation as keepers of the funk flame...Brownout's dedication to Old School is not necessarily about preserving a musical relic but instead it's more about creating a living, breathing brand of funk that can cross generations."

Ever-prolific funk masters, the band is currently working on a new album of original works with producer Steve Berlin (Los Lobos) slated for release in fall 2019.
Lesly Reynaga
Lesly Reynaga
Lesly Reynaga has made a striking first impression on Texas’ musical landscape, making waves with music described by the Austin American-Statesman as “catchy dance beats that carry powerful lyricism.”

Austin Mayor Steve Adler proclaims "Lesly Reynaga Day" (3/1/18)
Austin Mayor Steve Adler proclaims "Lesly Reynaga Day" (3/1/18)
“Dual Passport,” her most recent release, shows Reynaga’s promise. It has earned her accolades from admirers ranging from Austin Mayor Steve Adler who calls her “a favorite of mine,” to Stax Records/Motown legend Al Bell who describes her as “the world’s next female singing and guitar-playing rare superstar.”

Reynaga pays homage to her roots on “Dual Passport” with a bilingual sound. The Austin Chronicle states that her compositions “traverse genre, culture, and language with transcendental grace like her predecessors Selena and Shakira did before her.”

The Austin360 Artist of the Month (January 2019), Reynaga co-produced her release with renowned musicians and producers David Grissom, Michael Ramos, Graham Reynolds and AJ Vallejo. A highlight of the EP is two recordings with the involvement of Bell, one of her musical mentors.

“I have been associated with many rare and successful artists that have excited me and that I’ve been proud of,” said Bell, who has teamed up with performers ranging from Otis Redding to Prince. “But it is always a delightfully shocking phenomenon to me when I meet that artist that I can identify as one-of-a-kind.”

Al Bell and Lesly Reynaga at Haxton Road Studios (Bentonville, AR)
Al Bell and Lesly Reynaga at Haxton Road Studios (Bentonville, AR)
Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Reynaga highlights stories on “Dual Passport” about her childhood and upbringing in Mexico, immigration issues, and her pride calling America home, having recently become a U.S. citizen.

“It’s a body of work that offers a glance into my life experience as a Latina immigrant in this country,” Reynaga said. “Working with several producers with different backgrounds gave me an opportunity to explore my love for music, from R&B and soul to Latin pop and mariachi. I think what we accomplished in this EP is a combination of those sounds that represent the binary nature of my life.”

As the Chronicle remarks, “this cultural and lingual fusion powers her sophomore effort,” as “she struts with flair and pomp on ‘Heroina,’ scintillated with Selena-glam aplomb, each Spanish accent teased, firm but gentle and complemented by tropical acoustics.

A serious student of contemporary pop stylings and socially conscious lyrics, Reynaga hopes to make a cultural impact of her own. Her lyrics on “Dual Passport” were carefully crafted to articulate some of her positions, allowing her to “dig deeper into the meaning of leading a life in two cultures and two languages, constantly balancing out both worlds and staying true to self,” Reynaga said. “The duality of the immigrant life is something to embrace, and that’s what ‘Dual Passport’ stands for.

“‘Since the Moment He Was Mine’ grounds corporeal, masked with a stinging pain as doo-wop melodies ripple with tensile blossom,” writes The Austin Chronicle. The “radio-pop gem ‘All American Girl,’ reggaeton mystique ‘The Beast,’ and empowerment ballad ‘Flashbacks Come Home’” underscore Reynaga’s abilities as a burgeoning songwriter.

Lesly Reynaga live at One Road Austin, 3TEN ACL Live
Lesly Reynaga live at One Road Austin, 3TEN ACL Live
Her sound can be traced to Mexico, where Reynaga learned her first song at age four from her grandmother. At age 14, Reynaga was invited to join the cast of a national Mexican television reality show and, after moving to the U.S., she took bows as an award-winning mariachi vocalist in McAllen. Upon moving to Austin to attend University of Texas, she was featured soloist of UT’s Mariachi Paredes de Tejastitlán

Reynaga has been recognized as a voice of her Latino community, receiving the Award of Excellence for Emerging Artist from the City of Austin’s ESB-Mexican American Cultural Center. March 1, 2018 was celebrated as Lesly Reynaga Day in Austin, as proclaimed by Mayor Steve Adler. Her schedule has included collaborations with House of Songs, a live video session at the Clubhouse, live tapings at Austin360 and KUTX, and SXSW 2019 showcases.

“Dual Passport” was recorded in four studios, VMG, Red House and Brown Recluse in Austin, and Haxton Road in Bentonville, Arkansas, where musician/producer Jake Hertzog and producer/engineer Jacob Crabb contributed to the recording.

In 2017, she embarked on her solo career with her first studio release, “Fool’s Paradise,” which drew her early praise. Produced by Michael Ramos (John Mellencamp, Paul Simon, Patty Griffin), the EP features four self-penned pop-rock songs and a powerful rendition of Charlie Sexton’s “Spanish Words.”

“Anytime you bring more variances to the table, like she can singing in Spanish and in English, that opens up more avenues,” Ramos said. “She can definitely hit the pop market, the American market, which is an added bonus to her talents. It’s obvious she’s going to be around a long time.”

Noted for her passion-filled showmanship, which has captivated audiences from Dallas to New York City, an extraordinary vocal range, a bilingual song catalogue and as a multi-instrumentalist on guitar, vihuela and keyboards, Reynaga will make her first trek in 2019 to her native Mexico for live performances.
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