Young Rising Sons

3TEN ACL Live presents

Young Rising Sons

Rival Waves

Thu · July 5, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm


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Young Rising Sons - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Young Rising Sons
Fueled by a fierce chemistry and brother-like camaraderie, Red Bank, New Jersey-based foursome Young Rising Sons deliver anthemic alt-rock that's uplifting and infectious but unshakably honest. As heard on their debut single "High," lead singer/guitarist Andy Tongren, lead guitarist Dylan Scott, bassist Julian Dimagiba, and drummer Steve Patrick give serious depth to their stylish, summery sound through fearless recognition of life's less-than-sunny moments -- a dynamic that inspired SiriusXM Alt Nation and tastemakers across the globe to greet "High" with lavish praise and BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe to name the song his "Next Hype" track upon its release last spring. With Tongren's voice showing a dizzying range and undeniable sweetness, Young Rising Sons' upcoming self-titled debut EP channels that spirit into songs marked by both supremely melodic hooks and a rare soulful intensity.

"Young Rising Sons" builds off the band's pop-perfect sense of songcraft with left-of-center touches like fuzzed-out basslines and deep electro beats. A blissed-out, whistle-laced track, "High" shows off Tongren's acrobatic vocal skills and gives a nod to the fact that, according to Scott, "as a band we were low for a long time, and now the highs are finally happening and it's a really cool feeling." Honoring Young Rising Sons' blue-collar background, songs like the piano-driven epic "Red and Gold" hone in on "that hunger to get where you want to be in life and knowing that you need to just grind it out and write your own destiny," as Tongren explains. The percussion driven, "King of the World" perfectly captures the joy and power of shaking off negativity, while the slow-burning "Turnin'" starts out tense and moody before bursting into its chorus and bridge's glorious gospel-esque harmonies.

Founded in 2010, Young Rising Sons came to be when Scott, Dimagiba, and Patrick (all New Jersey natives who had played music together throughout high school) saw Tongren performing an acoustic set at a New York City bar and approached him about singing for their newly formed band. "They asked me to jam with them and everything just clicked right away -- we were friends first and bandmates second," recalls Tongren, who grew up in Ohio and studied music at The New School. Bound by a love of melody-minded songwriters like Tom Petty and high-energy punk bands such as Green Day, Young Rising Sons struggled to find considerable success with their music over the next few years, but continued to push forward with their songwriting and playing. "We were really just going on faith and the fact that we're best friends and wanted to maintain that, regardless of whatever ended up happening with the band," notes Scott.

Then, in late 2013, mutual friends introduced Tongren to New York based producers Shep Goodman and Aaron Accetta, who were immediately floored by the scope of Tongren's voice and quickly got to know the entire band. "They all had such a great connection and we felt an instant chemistry with them too, so we started collaborating and guiding them to help take the band to the next level," says Goodman. "We love that they're making music that's got some heavy qualities to it, but in the end is so positive in a very real way," he adds. After signing with Dirty Canvas Music (Goodman and Accetta's New York-based production company) and recording a batch of new songs, Young Rising Sons released "High" along with an accompanying black-and-white, laid-back, sweetly playful video shot in their home turf of New Jersey. Following the post-"High" buzz, Young Rising Sons soon landed a deal with Interscope Records, then started working on their EP.

With plans of devoting the rest of the year to touring and creating their full-length debut, Young Rising Sons are continuing to come up with songs that expand their sound and mine their many eclectic influences. True to the band's brotherly vibe, Young Rising Sons take a decidedly collaborative approach to the songwriting process, with Tongren and Scott serving as the main melodists and lyricists but all four members contributing ideas. While that all-for-one-and-one-for-all mentality forms the core of the band, just as essential to Young Rising Sons is instilling their songs with a certain down-to-earth optimism. "We all got into music because of the way it makes us feel, so now that we're in the driver's seat we're going to try to make other people feel good and passionate," says Tongren. "We really believe in that give-and-take between us and the listener," he adds, "and we want to do what we can to help people harness that hopeful feeling and create something for themselves out of it."
Rival Waves - (Set time: 9:00 PM)
Rival Waves
Rival Waves is a rock band from Austin, Texas, blending propulsive guitar-fueled sonics with a relentlessly fierce post-punk aesthetic. Armed with arena-ready anthems reminiscent of Pearl Jam and U2, the band is driven to create a more meaningful connection between art and audience. With a DIY ethos focused on the convergence of music and tech, an inclination towards consistent musical experimentation, and an earnest lyrical commitment to topics ranging from the intimately personal to the socio-political, Rival Waves take their cues from Fugazi as much as they do Foo Fighters.

A concept that Austin singer/songwriter Joel De La Garza developed during his time in graduate school, the central idea for what would become Rival Waves was based on leveraging the evolving technology landscape, and its ongoing disruption of the traditional music industry, to develop a more engaged and immersed audience.

The ambitious project started as a whisper in the form of a few demos and small solo acoustic showcases. The positive feedback led De La Garza back into his South Austin studio to woodshed - writing and recording the material that would become the blueprint for Rival Waves.

Kismet came in the form of a consulting opportunity with a digital startup that gave De La Garza the chance to collaborate on songs with a handful of world-class session musicians including Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Jack Irons (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pearl Jam), Satnam Ramgotra (Hans Zimmer), Martyn Lenoble (Porno for Pyros) , Scott Koziol (Linkin Park), Nick Lashley (Alanis Morissette), and Teddy Kumpel (Nine Inch Nails). These sessions set the cornerstone of sound that De La Garza was after and proved that this project would be a more collaborative effort than originally conceived.

Enlisting co-producer JR Taylor (Styx, Terry Bozzio) to help put his vision into clearer relief, the duo began culling through the more than 50 songs amassed for the project. They were soon joined by a few other trusted collaborators to track several more songs live in studio. The time and opportunity to create and refine allowed for experimentation in the studio whilst capturing the immediacy and vitality that can only come from a live performance. The collective collaborative experiences spurred efforts to develop the project into a live band. To take the music out of the comforting isolation of a studio and get it out to an audience.

In 2016, De La Garza joined forces with Marc Schulz, Erik Salinas, Kelly Grizzle and Frank Ramirez - and Rival Waves was born. They’ve quickly become identified with their intense and compelling live shows, which have proven instrumental in generating a growing buzz among a burgeoning fan base.

In Sept. 2016, Rival Waves released their debut single, “Amputee” and followed that up with the Inauguration Day 2017 release of their politically-tinged rocker, “Transducer”. The tracks quickly garnered over 50,000 digital streams, pushing total digital streams well over the 100,000 mark - a milestone for the digitally focused new band. Both songs have since been included on playlists that have seen listeners flock to the band from Austin to as far away as Argentina.
Rival Waves continues to focus on leveraging technology to disrupt a fragmented musical landscape and establish a more engaged audience. The band is gearing up to release a new album and launch a super-served digital fan community known as theCollective - partnering with companies in Austin’s thriving tech sector to help turn these ideas into realities. In the meantime, Rival Waves is focused on writing new material, using tech to grow their live show into an even more memorable and experiential event, and finding ways to serve an engaged and impassioned audience.
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