Matt The Electrician + The Deer

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Matt The Electrician + The Deer

Sat · June 10, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Day of Show $25.00

This event is all ages

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Matt The Electrician - (Set time: 10:00 PM)
Matt The Electrician
Despite the name, Matt the Electrician is no longer an electrician, focusing instead on a music career spanning the course of 2 decades, 12 records, and 1000’s of shows. His music remains rooted in his blue-collar beginnings, with lyricism that embraces the day-to-day, the mundane, the beauty of the ordinary.

Before moving to Austin, TX and launching his career as a working-class folk musician, Matt grew up on the West Coast. His parents played John Denver & Pete Seeger songs on the family record player, and Matt spent his earliest years surrounded by the things that would later fill his own music: acoustic guitars, timeless melodies, lyrics that celebrated the joys and heartaches of everyday life, and, above all else — a strong work ethic.

That work ethic served him well in the mid-1990s, when he moved to Austin in search of new horizons and better opportunities. Matt was playing music by then, and in need of a steady day job; he began working as an electrician, spending his days wiring houses in the Texas heat. Once quitting time came, he'd grab his guitar & drive himself to an evening show, usually taking the stage in his work boots & sweaty clothes. "Hi; I'm Matt the Electrician," he'd tell the crowd, hoping his occupation would help explain his appearance. The name stuck, even after his growing fan base allowed him to hang up his pliers for good.

Matt will be releasing a double CD on June 10th, 2017 called The Doubles. The CDs are the culmination of a 2-year vinyl 45 collaborative project, mixed with his current touring trio, consisting of two backup singers.
The Deer - (Set time: 8:30 PM)
The Deer
Described as transcendental Texas folk and stargaze surf-western, The Deer create psychotropic soundscapes and tranquil, vivid dream-pop. They are at once lyrical and experiential, magnetic and evocative. The group formed in 2012 while recording solo work by singer/songwriter Grace Park (The Blue Hit), and soon developed into a collaboratively-composed project named for an animal symbol of protective guidance, The Deer. Park's voice and lyrical presence are captivating, upright bassist Jesse Dalton (MilkDrive) has a songwriting mouth of a saint and a devil, lead guitarist Michael McLeod (Good Field, Richard Linklater film composer) expertly captains sound production, drummer Alan Eckert sings with soulful rhythm and finesse. Shortly after recording their upcoming album, fiddle/mandolin/guitar player Noah Jeffries (MilkDrive, South Austin Jug Band), joined the group. The Deer have created a dynamic collection of songs ranging between the blissful and euphoric to the dark and the dangerous.They debuted with the album An Argument for Observation (2013) under the band name Grace Park & The Deer.

As they grew more collaborative, they made the transition to simply The Deer and released their second album under that name in early 2015. On the Essence of the Indomitable Spirit is dedicated to the memory of their late friend and bandmate, Stephanie Bledsoe. Their third album, Tempest & Rapture, was released in 2016. It’s half Southern Gothic surf-country and half psychedelic dreampop. Their sound is richly-layered, lyric-driven, lush, and expressive.They’ve played Austin’s historical Moody Theater and the Legendary Stubb's, as well as festivals like SXSW, Art Outside, and Utopiafest. Members have shared the stage with The Head & The Heart, The Lumineers, Alejandro Escovedo, Peter Rowan, Tim O’Brien, and Dana Falconberry. With rotating guest multi-instrumentalists such as Roger Sellers (Bayonne) and Dennis Ludiker (Asleep at the Wheel), they move fluidly between genres and activate the imagination.
Venue Information:
3TEN Austin City Limits Live
310 Willie Nelson Blvd, Suite 1A
Austin, TX, 78701